Your memory will carry on

No Boundaries [19] - Sekinchan

13 April 2014 I was travelling back to Petaling Jaya and we stopped by at Sekinchan to check out the place because my mum will be…
詠儀™ Mar 02, 2015

Project 365 (Year 2015)

Back to posting photos and doing what I like best. 
9 new pics
詠儀™ Mar 01, 2015

Project 365 (Year 2015)

Back to posting photos and doing what I like best. 
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詠儀™ Feb 15, 2015

Day 37 & 38

[6 to 7 Feb 2015] It's Friday again and I was very pleased with it because I am going to have another two more days to…
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詠儀™ Feb 08, 2015

Project 365 (Year 2015)

Back to posting photos and doing what I like best. 
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詠儀™ Feb 05, 2015

Day 29

[29 January 2015] We had a meeting with the facilitator who facilitated our organisation’s strategic planning and I was under the impression it was going to…
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詠儀™ Jan 29, 2015

Project 365 (Year 2015)

Back to posting photos and doing what I like best. 
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詠儀™ Jan 27, 2015

Project 365 (Year 2015)

Back to posting photos and doing what I like best. 
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詠儀™ Jan 21, 2015
Day 17pic

Day 17

[17 January 2015] It’s zee day that I have been waiting for! I didn’t manage to wake up at 6a.m. and have breakfast. I woke up…
詠儀™ Jan 18, 2015

Day 16

[16 January 2015] I didn’t get to put up the post from yesterday because the internet is kind of slow today in the office. What a…
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詠儀™ Jan 17, 2015

Day 14

[14 January 2015] I was reading an article about how fabulous East Malaysia is. It mentioned that Muslims and non-Muslims share the space of a hawker…
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詠儀™ Jan 14, 2015

Project 365 (Year 2015)

Back to posting photos and doing what I like best. 
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詠儀™ Jan 11, 2015

Day 8

[8 January 2015] It’s been raining quite a lot lately especially in the evening and early morning. I had a rather good sleep much thanks to…
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詠儀™ Jan 08, 2015

Day 6

[6 January 2015] I had a good night sleep. I can’t believe I slept till morning without waking up at all. I didn’t even wake up…
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詠儀™ Jan 06, 2015

Day 4

[4 January 2015] It’s the fourth day of 2015. Time seems to be going a wee bit faster now. I am already in my pigeonhole in…
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詠儀™ Jan 04, 2015
Day 1pic

Day 1

[1 January 2015] It's the first day of the year and I couldn't be more happier to have spent the day/night at my home town…
詠儀™ Jan 02, 2015

Long Time No See

[31 Aug 2014] Hello peeps :) So sorry that I have been away for forever and haven't not been catching up with you all. How have…
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詠儀™ Aug 31, 2014

Took A Break

[25 June 2014] Hello my dear friends, much apologies for being absent for such a long time. I have been taking a break from the Internet…
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詠儀™ Jun 25, 2014

No Boundaries [18] - Alma Mater

11 April 2014 Yay for another short break for me. I have always loved travelling back to my hometown despite it takes forever to reach. This…
詠儀™ Jun 14, 2014

No Boundaries [17] - Putrajaya

29 March 2014 My friend and I went all the way to the Putrajaya, hoping to see some fireworks. This is my second time attending the…
詠儀™ Jun 08, 2014

No Boundaries [16] - Penang Island

23 March 2014 I finally found time to travel back home for a wee bit longer. This time we went for a one-day family trip to…
詠儀™ Jun 05, 2014

No Boundaries [15] - Kuala Lumpur Tower

17 February 2014 Yesterday I just got back from Taiping :) It's a beautiful town which I wish I could live in. Today me and Rosalind…
詠儀™ May 24, 2014

No Boundaries [14] - Taiping

15 to 16 February 2014 So it's the day when I had to go for a meeting at a town somewhere near my hometown. It's kind…
詠儀™ May 11, 2014

A Short, Short Break Away from Work

[24 to 26 April 2014] I had a relaxing weekend in Melaka with my partner :) It was the perfect weekend that I needed to recharge…
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詠儀™ May 03, 2014

My Life as an APO [6] - Present

19 April 2014 Recently there have been so many heartbreaking incidents going on, from the aircraft that vanished in thin air, the sudden passing of my…
詠儀™ Apr 18, 2014

My Life as an APO [5] - Blessings

13 April 2014 Shit happens. So do amazing things. It's been a while I've been like myself. I couldn't be more thankful for the new people who…
詠儀™ Apr 13, 2014

My Life as an APO [4] - Dwelling

8 April 2014 It's been eight months since I left the service centre but I can't seem to detach myself from that place and the work…
詠儀™ Apr 08, 2014
Incredibly Old Photopic

No Boundaries [12] - Aussie Trippin' (Part 11)

21 December 2013 Today is the second last day that I'll be on this beautiful island. I am going to miss this place so much. I…
詠儀™ Mar 31, 2014
Remembering MH370pic

#Remembering MH370

[28 March 2014] On 25 March 2014, the Prime Minister confirmed that MH370 ended its flight at the Southern Indian Ocean.
詠儀™ Mar 28, 2014
If I Had A Million Ringgitpic

If I Had A Million Ringgit

This is one interesting assignment. Much apologies that I couldn't be as active as I used to be. Hopefully my entry is still valid :) I…
詠儀™ Mar 26, 2014
Dear Government, What Have You Been Doing?pic

Dear Government, What Have You Been Doing?

[17 March 2014] I am extremely upset with how the government is currently handling the situation of the missing aircraft MH370. I cannot believe how the…
詠儀™ Mar 17, 2014

No Boundaries [11] - Aussie Trippin' (Part 10)

20 December 2013 Now that we have explored Brown Lake, we're heading towards another tourist attraction spot called Point Lookout. I couldn't be more excited to…
詠儀™ Mar 16, 2014
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About Me:

Hi my name's Yong Yi :] My display name is my real name. I'm pretty easy to get along with unless you give me a reason not to. You can always come to me for help.
I believe in love, hope and faith just as much as I believe music and photos can deliver the most authentic lessons of life. My life revolves around my friends, taking photos, writing and searching for a balance between individuality and societal conformity.
I have the best sister in the entire universe. Without her, I can never be complete.
I am well and alive because of Mr Gerard Way and his amazing band, My Chemical Romance, who saved my life and gave me a reason to move on in life :] Adam Lambert is another amazing individual whom I draw inspiration from and one of the universe's best messengers to me.
Love Your Body
"If for one minute you think
you're better than a sixteen year old girl
in a Green Day t-shirt,
you are sorely mistaken.
Remember the first time you went to a show
and saw your favorite band.
You wore their shirt, and sang every word.
You didn't know anything about
scene politics, haircuts, or what was cool.
All you knew was that
this music made you feel different
from anyone you shared a locker with.
Someone finally understood you.
This is what music is about."

-Gerard Way-

My Chemical Romance is done. But it can never die.
It is alive in me, in the guys,
and it is alive inside all of you.
I always knew that, and I think you did too.

Because it is not a band. It is an idea.
-Gerard Way-

"I think it’s hard because being a dreamer
isn’t always the easiest thing in the world
because we have to exist in a space that is not reality.
We have to exist in that ‘what if’ or ‘imagination’ world,
and I think that with all the pressures of everyday life,
you can constantly be thrown out of that,
and it’s almost a fight to stay in that ‘dreamer’ space.
My advice would be to try to find a new angle,
a new perspective on something,
and that’s in my opinion,
the best way to take your dreams
and make them come true.
Find a way to be new and fresh with your ideas,
and just to keep dreaming.
Find your safe space that is conducive to that.
Find a way to tap into that part of yourself
and not be thrown out of that dreamer space.
Stay on the cloud!"
-Adam Lambert-

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The 1st Annual Buzzy Awards: Buzznet's Top Contributors of 2010!

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